Wang Yam's fate to be known on 29 September

The Court of Appeal is set to 'hand down' their decision on Wang Yam case this Friday 29 September at 12.00 noon. It will take around ten minutes to read out. 

When the appeal was heard at the Royal Courts of Justice in July 2017, the case was before three justices presided over by Lord Chief Justice Thomas. This Friday will be Thomas' last day in court before retiring on 2 November after 48 years in the law.

The options for the case outcomes are:

1. Wang Yam's original verdict stands and he remains in prison to serve out the remainder of his sentence (another 9 years)

2. Wang Yam's original verdict is unsafe, and the CPS chooses to retry the case.

3. Wang Yam's original verdict is unsafe, the CPS chooses not to retry the case and Wang Yam is released from prison.  

Wang Yam will not be present in court, he will be informed of the outcome soon after by his lawyers.