Update for Court of Appeal hearing

With five days to go before the Court of Appeal hearing, a few things are becoming clearer.

The hearing is likely to be held in the open, unless for some unforeseen reason the Lord Chief Justice insists that it be held in camera.

The court has set aside only one day for the hearing, so it is unlikely to flow into the next day, and no other cases are listed to be held that day.

The hearing will be held on 18 July 2017 in Court number 4 at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London, starting 10.30am. 

There is no indication either way as to whether the CPS will call for a retrial in the event that the court declares the original conviction unsafe. 

Wang Yam's lawyers' application for their client to appear in court in person has failed. He will follow the proceedings by video link from a prison in Nottinghamshire. 

This means that if Wang Yam's verdict is overturned he will be released from prison not from the Royal Courts of Justice.